Sunday, June 3, 2012

big girl bed

hey ya'll :)

I am here to share with you a sneak peak of the hard work & dedication my dear hubs has to refinishing Abby's big girl bed! & of course with the help from the BIG GIRL herself!

a little background...this bed was found in the old barn on the Kelsey farm which belonged to Justin's Great-Grandmother. Surprisingly, it's still in great condition, just needs some touch ups! It is a beautiful bed! I looove it. We decided we would sand it down, redo it, (I think we've decided to go with an antique white look) & give it to Abby! We should have taken a few before photos, but we didn't, so here is a little of the process:


It's coming right along and hopefully will be finished in no time! I'm dying to see how it turns out!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

hello june

hey ya'll :)

whew! Can't believe it is already JUNE! seriously, not complaining at all though! So many great things going on this month! Our sweet BIG girl turns TWO the 18th! Birthday party possibly the 23rd, still haven't decided! Not to mention as long as Brax isn't a party crasher! Justin & I will be married FIVE years the 16th & our sweet boy will be here some time this month! (hopefully sooner than later) anyways, it's almost 1am and I just wanted to share a few pictures of awesome goodies!

ordered Brax more NB dipes. this mama loooves fluffy mail! swoon. pure cuteness. Cloth is sooo much better in many ways...from being good to your babies bottom, environment friendly, & saving money in the long run! Don't get me wrong, up front, it's not easy to get your stash going so I've ordered a few here & there and tried to catch some good sales! here are the latest 4 that just came in the mail the other day! we've only purchased BumGenius & GroVia AIO newborn & OS. GroVia has some of the absolute precious prints! I seriously love them! seeee....

also received his car seat in the mail! it's adorable! (& orange-GBO!!) I'm really glad we decided to go with the Graco Snugride & mostly for this simple fabric! We had several to choose from and I wanted to veer away from the busy prints so this was perfect! Not to much, & definitely boyish! we also ordered an extra base for Justin's truck for easy switch offs when necessary!

diaper bag. this was a big one. I am beyond in love with this bag and knew I wanted more of a satchel type this time (with an easy zipper to open/close) rather than a messenger bag like we had with Abby. (I loved our Ju Ju Be bag, but price wise, this was our best choice & IMO, I found it annoying to always have to flip it just to get inside!) However, Justin thinks this looks like a purse & says he won't carry it! (he carried a PINK one with Abby, so I think he'll come around) ;) & he's right, it does look like a purse here...

...but here, it's clearly a normal looking diaper bag! no one would just assume it's a purse if a man is carrying it, especially with a handsome little boy too!

and just because I've always bought these same shorts for Justin basically every year...I ordered his annual camo fishing season shorts from AE! 40% off & free shipping! score. like $25 shipped! can't beat it! He will literally wear the heck out of these and will need brand new ones by this time next year! lucky me found a sweet deal.

and because I never pass up a breathtaking photo of my honey girl sleeping, this is a picture I took when I came in from work tonight. melts my entire heart. I may be a little biased but she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world and her mama loves her soooo much. sweet dreams, world.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

baby doctor update

hey y'all :)

today was my routine "34 week" OB appointment; short story short, I go back in 2 weeks (June 13th) for my routine 36 week OB appointment.

I am thankful things looked good today & I hope it continues! We want our sweet boy to stay in for as long as possible & to be healthy. What more could we ask for!

Aside from that, I still have a terrible headache that just wants to stick around I guess! therefore, I can't sleep! hopefully the Tylenol I took an hour ago will eventually kick in & I'm able to get some rest since I have to work 9-5p tomorrow! otherwise, everyone sure will enjoy being around me! ;)

good night!

Monday, May 28, 2012

sunday not so funday!

hey ya'll :)

woke up with an aching head for the fourth day in a row and back pain out of this world! (back pain started the night before, on the right side & a constant cramp) regardless, this mama had to go to work! I felt "okay" and I try not to complain too much but at some point, somethings gotta give when you're hurting. At the tail end of my shift, I ended up doing a u/a and blood work to see if anything was going on...results came back with blood in my urine, a "trace" of protein, and white blood cells. I then went over to L&D for a NST (non-stress test) for brother & I to be monitored and mostly to be safe than sorry. I think this pregnancy constantly has me on the edge because I'm so nervous about having preecclampsia again. It's just not something I would want even my worst enemy to go through. therefore, maybe I worry a little too much and am only trying to be as cautious as possible.

turns out, it's perfectly normal to worry too much and sometimes, it's probably a good thing. I mean, come on, a mama knows when something is not right. We spent roughly 3 1/2 hours being monitored because my blood pressure was high, which caused brother's heart rate to be high. On top of that, I had a low grade temp along with my headache and contractions that were about 5 minutes apart! (although I couldn't feel them) I knew when I was having them but at this point, they hadn't been "painful" it was more of just the tightness that I could feel and of course Braxton being all lopsided! The doctor then wanted me to have an u/s to check the fluid around the baby & his overall movements.

Everything ended up looking just fine! However, Braxton is measuring at 36 weeks rather than 34 weeks! okay, so my "original" due date is/was June 30th putting me at 35 weeks. This is based off of the first day of my last my 11week u/s, baby was measuring a week behind so the lady said they may end up changing my due date to July 6th putting me at 34 weeks (a day before Abby's due date) my doctor never officially told me he changed the due date so I had always been going off of June 30th, I actually still go by June 30th because it's the date I have had for such a long time. anyways, I was in the process of transferring doctors because I was being seen in Columbia but wanted to be seen in Lawrenceburg and wanted to deliver at Crockett. Once I started being seen here, the ultrasounds I had were all measuring 2 weeks ahead (based off of July 6th) but putting me at 36 weeks. I know, all confusing. I happen to think that they should not have changed my due date to begin with but I'm not the doctor. ;) so, I guess technically they go by July 6th making me currently 34 weeks but he's measuring at 36 weeks with a June 22nd date. anyways, enough of that...makes my head hurt. haha

We were sent home last night after my blood pressure went down & baby's heart rate was better. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow with my OB doctor so we'll see what he says! I'm hoping that things stay okay and that our little man doesn't try to come early! It's never fun to feel crappy and having to sit around all day not being able to do much!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

sneak peak

we are soooo excited for baby brother's shower tomorrow...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

party planning

hey y'all :)
soooo, I guess you can say I'm a little excited about Abby's 2nd birthday party since I've been planning it since umm, I don't know, January!!! It's definitely bittersweet but it's one of those things that's gonna come whether we like it or not so we might as well make the best of it! it's just so hard to believe my sweet little girl is growing up so fast!! anyways, most of you already know we are planning a fairy garden party and all the little details count! Last year, I ordered custom return address labels for our invites from a lady on ETSY and they were so adorable that I knew for sure I'd use her again this year...and probably from here on out ;) basically, I just wanna share the cuteness!

I've also already ordered her supplies/favors, etc. I just haven't taken pictures yet! I'll probably wait till after the party to share ;)

clearly, I've edited the proofs to not show the world our address...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

hump day

hey y'all :)
it's finally hump day! meaning, half way through this week! woke up this morning with no milk so we decided to head over to Pat's Cafe for brunch! (it was like 10ish) oh, & Pat's is a small cafe in our little ole town that is the bomb diggity. breakfast, lunch & supper served all day, can't go wrong eating there! of course the folks are mighty swell too! anyways, below is a picture I snapped while we were there of the two most important in my life--Abby says cheeeese like it's no one's business!

after, we ran a few errands and I dropped off a shirt for Abby at Hootieroo's for Misty (an amazing artist) to fix us up something pretty to wear to brother's shower this weekend! I can't wait to see what she comes up with! then this Mama had a doctor's appointment! Which went alright, I reckon! BP was up a tad when they checked it the first time, a little trace of protein in my urine, and his heart rate is in the 160s! they checked my BP again after a few minutes and it was norm so no worries. I'm actually terrified that preeclampsia is slowly but surely coming back. fingers (& toes) crossed that it's not as bad as last time! I'm already swelling tremendously in my feet, legs & even face, especially after working. definitely not a feeling you wanna have. I'm miserable, but I guess it's just part of pregnancy :) I'm hanging in here as best I can! so, once all our running and the appointment was over, we had a sleepy girl on our hands! she's the best little snuggle bunny and I was sad when I had to leave her to be at work at 3!

not that any of this is exciting but you now have a break down of how our day has been! we also received some not so good news about Justin's Pepaw (Abby's PawPaw) but that will be another post! However, prayers needed for our family in the meantime! They are much appreciated! :)